Get “ChatGPT Plus” for 50% less! Video shows how! Users from Italy click here.

Our chat service is always available and faster than the free version of the original ChatGPT.

Our Premium Quarterly Plan is around 50% cheaper than the original ChatGPT Plus and not only available via web browser but also on WhatsApp and Instagram.

Use ChatGPT with no downtime:

Use here for free, up to 5 times per day:

12 USD/EUR first month,
then 14,- per month

What you get:

  • a chatbot which is about 30% cheaper than OpenAI “ChatGPT Plus”
  • unlimited number of request to GPT 
  • unlimited length of responses 
  • access to GPT via WhatsApp and Instagram messaging without limits
  • 24/7 availability to GPT, no throttling or capacity issues
  • support via e-mail
  • all for 1 month, recurring until cancelled
29 USD/EUR per quarter,
first 7 days trial time

What you get:

  • ≈ 50% cheaper than OpenAI “ChatGPT Plus”
  • same features as in the Monthly Premium Plan but for 3 months, recurring until cancelled

To use WhatsApp just send a message to: +491782335713

(no calls, only messages, with word limits)

To use Instagram send a message to my.ChatGPT on Instagram

(no calls, only messages, with word limits, first time you need to wait until we accept your messaging request)