Mike, Birmingham, UK, a student wants to say:

The founders team:

Ram, Edward, Andrew

It all started this year after OpenAI started its ChatGPT service in November 2022.

Andi, Edward and Ram, we were so impressed by ChatGPT and thought this is what everyone needs but not everyone gets. Due to high usage of OpenAI website, the service was down most of the time.

Plus it was not convenient to use if on the road.

So we thought of giving access to everyone using WhatApp and Instagram messaging.

Said and done.

Now you can place your questions through this website or via WhatsApp and Instagram (see main page).

With every question you place within a premium plan, we donate a fraction to CharityWater.org a Non-Profit organization that helps people around the world to access clean healthy water.

So you get AI driven knowledge, let other humans get at least clean water every day!

Thank you!

Andi & Ram & Edward