Affiliate commission: 80% , let’s share it aggressively!

Advantages to become affiliate partner: You will participate within the hottest tech and biggest hype there is out there now: Artificial Intelligence via ChatGPT by OpenAI. This stuff is everywhere now, and YOU can make money from it by offering a solution that really solves a problem for users of ChatGPT.

The product (service):

The problem we solve for our users is to get guaranteed capacity to ChatGPT through our gateway. These days, ChatGPT is so fully used, OpenAI does not give users capacity anymore and sometimes you need to wait hours or days. You can buy priority access called OpenAI plus for 20 $ per month. We offer it not only cheaper, but also using other means of communication: We have developed access through a normal WhatsApp and Instagram conversation on top of web access. Like you chat with some friend, chat with ChatGPT through WhatsApp and receive answers that you can easily forward within WhatsApp like you forward messages from friends.

Why us?

Once you become a partner, users will always continue using our access, because they need it almost daily. And you get a commission every month or quarter. Continuously.

And better yet: We are evolving and developing new features. For example: Using WhatsApp, you take a picture from your homework or whatever and send it to us, we do an (OCR) optical character recognition and feed it to GPT which then answers to you via WhatsApp within seconds. It’s that easy.

Or even further down the lane: Make a voice call, talk to ChatGPT in real time. Using speech recognition we transform your spoken question into text, feed it to ChatGPT and bring back its text answer via text-to-speech within the same call. No need for a computer or smartphone, any phone can be used.

The founders, Andrew, Ram and Edward, we have extensive experience in coding and running companies, so our service is here to stay. We will also include other Ai services from Google, Amazon, Facebook etc. once this is up and running, so users can choose not only ChatGPT but other machines for the one single subscription per month. It’s that easy.

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Support for marketing questions: Give me (Andrew) a call or chat with me via WhatsApp: +491742161041, leave a message if I can’t answer it or send an e-mail to . Thanks for becoming a trusted partner.

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